Tips for Property Investment

Property buying as an investment must be looked at from a long -term perspective, for a period of five to ten years.

High profit margin is possible if land has been purchased historically at a very good price.

Identifying a suitable location is one of the most important tasks of buying a property. Connectivity of the property with city centers plays a vital role in the re-salability.

Property buyer should ensure that the property is located in an ideal area with good connectivity to the bus station, railway station, airport, super market, and places of worship, hospitals and other conveniences.

Investment in Commercial properties could get good rental returns, especially those with ready infrastructure and connectivity.

Investment in residential plots could get good capital appreciation.

Investment in an apartment is good for rental yields.

The rental values of independent houses are generally less than apartments.

Investment in residential property is ideal if the buyer has plans for self use in the future. Like wise investment in commercial property is ideal if the buyer has plans to occupy the space in the future

Investment in residential or commercial property should be ideally centered round IT, manufacturing hubs that generate good rental demand.

Pre-launch is a great time to invest but the level of risk is very high indeed.

In an apartment, the property price depends on the undivided share of the land of the apartment complex.

The property appreciation depends on the land value and not on the concrete building.

A property inside a gated community commands a premium since the open space and amenities of the township has to be factored in.

A return of Investment of 10% is a decent return for property investments.

Thou Property is a tangible asset, it is an illiquid asset as well and therefore avoid short term funds to invest in property.

A property investor should aim to build up an ideal Investment portfolio which is nothing but an intelligent combination of different formats of properties in different locations.

A Commercial property becomes valuable when the tenant occupies the property rather than lying as a vacant space.

Property is nothing but investment to the future which means an ideal investment to the future generations to come.

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