Personalized Home Construction

Experience the Personalized Home construction assistance to build your own home in your own property. KPG assist you to design your own home incorporating your own ideas to suit your budget and requirements. KPG personalized relationship begins from the conceptisation stage of your home and thereafter it's' a never ending relationship. Listed below are few of our services which we are offering you with a promise that we would be highly transparent and professional in our approach with a personalized touch.

1. Identify a suitable property to build your home.

2. Assist in identifying an Architect in designing your home.

3. Assist in getting the approvals for construction from statutory authorities.

4. Assist in land surveys, soil tests and for structural designs of the home.

5. Identifying and entrusting the construction work of your home in the hands of trusted and experienced contractor.

6. Preparation of the Construction schedule.

7. Periodic Work in Progress reviews of the home construction with comparison with the original work schedule.

8. Assistance in interior designs and the interior works.

9. Assist in getting House No, electricity connection and water connections.

10. Assist in landscaping works.

If you are interested to know more about our Personalized Home Construction Services, please fill out the MAKE MY HOME form on this website.

Buying a plot in any part of India can be challenging unless you have sound financial backing for initial investment. Banks do offer a loan for the purchase of a plot and even for construction such as SBI Realty, HDFC Plot Loans etc. However, the associated tax benefits are subjective to whether you complete constructing a house on the plot or not, and even if you do, the benefits are offered only for the first year.

Building one's own house can be a challenge since one has to constantly monitor the construction activities, right from meeting with architects to ensuring raw materials are used correctly. Also, a common problem faced by most first time home builders is the tendency to stretch the budget while constructing the house, resulting in overspending. At the same time, constructing one's own house will give the owner the freedom to choose the layout and design.

When one considers the resale value of the house, most people who are looking for an independent house prefer to buy a plot and construct their own house as opposed to buying a built house. However, with the cost of construction and land escalating, there are buyers for building independent houses too. In case of a house, the value will have a direct correlation with the amenities within the house and accessibility around it. Independent houses have a higher resale value than flats, primarily because the person buying the house also becomes the owner of the plot of land on which the house has been constructed.

In case of constructing a house on a plot, while the land value appreciates, the house value depreciates due to wear and tear. Owners must pay special attention towards space planning, construction quality, and quality of amenities etc. as they are the decisive factors for valuation.

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